Welcome to the Purple Cow @ Home---the place where families can discover many new ideas for indoor and outdoor projects and games to enjoy while following directives for staying home. The idea is to HAVE FUN and BE CREATIVE using stuff you already have around the house!

The activities run the range from physically active ideas to games and artsy craft projects, all designed for school-age children, guided by parents who are looking for imaginative ways to fill the hours at home. (We all need to take a break from screen time to enjoy some activities IRL!) Though the emphasis is on 4 - 10 year olds, preschoolers and older siblings can join in at their interest/ability level too.

Each week Purple Cow @ Home will feature new activities in an easy-to-use recipe format that guides parents, or older brothers and sisters who may want to step in for parents busy working at home. Each posting lists the “ingredients” needed, followed by the step-by-step “how to” instructions, cookbook style.

The Purple Cow invites you to rescue some things from the recycling bin to repurpose them for family fun and learning! These are every-day items found around the house like egg cartons and cardboard tubes—plus you will need a few basic supplies like scissors, crayons and glue---see detailed lists of “SAVED ITEMS” and BASIC SUPPLIES.”
Why the Purple Cow?
You must be wondering…

Ann Cole, teacher, parent educator and consultant, is co-author of five books of creative activities published by Little, Brown & Company. The first book, an illustrated pre-school home curriculum and best-seller is titled: I SAW A PURPLE COW and 100 other Recipes for Learning. This activity book was the first of its kind to coach parents in teaching their young children through play in the critical early years.

The 5th book, titled PURPLE COW TO THE RESCUE, features hands-on activity ideas for older children up to age 13. Ann Cole and her colleagues were pioneers in parent education, traveling the country to present training workshops for professionals working in health and education settings with mothers and fathers.

Over the years the lovable Purple Cow character has become a familiar mascot in the early learning field, symbolizing a child’s creative process in imagining a cow as purple or polka-dotted or whatever kids’ natural curiosity can dream up.

You will see many examples of Ann Cole’s vast purple cow collection scattered around The Purple Cow @ Home website—ranging from ceramic figurines to a wooden bank to hats, T-shirts, book covers, stuffed animals, and even two necklaces. How many purple cows can you count?
Meet the Creative Team!

Purple Cow @ Home is a Cole family collaboration from five cities producing time-tested activity ideas that have been enjoyed for three generations. Heading up the Cole team is author, teacher, editor (and matriarch) Ann Sherby Cole, and her webmaster grandson, engineering student Alex Cole Radovan, assisted by daughters Nancy Cole and Laurie Cole Radovan, editors; son Dan Cole and his 9 year old twin daughters, project testers; and son Gary Cole, marketing consultant and choreographer/grandson Graham Cole, site reviewer.

Creative consultant and photographer is Shari Pontillo, owner of Twisted Fiber Studio, featuring mobile arts and crafts workshops.

Various friends and neighbors will appear from time to time in lively photos and videos as illustrations.

Contact us at: ann@purplecowathome.com